What is Complying Development certificate (CDC)?

A CDC approval is collective planning and construction approval process. It’s a process to fast-track Development Approval (DA) can be obtained with the help of private certifier rather than local council that’s why its quicker to approve.

By opting CDC process, you will get Construction Certificate as a part of package. Whereas, in case of Development Application (DA), you have to apply for construction certificate (CC) & Occupation Certificate as a separate application.

There are two steps in Complying Development certificate (CDC):

  • Firstly, obtain a Section 10.7 (2&5) Planning to confirm permissibility
  • Secondly, comply with every element of documents specified in the CDC checklist.

When is the Complying Development certificate (CDC) approval required?

CDC is required in situations when you are building new dwelling or alterations and extensions of residential.  It’s an approval that doesn’t require separate council development application approval or construction approval.

Common examples of Complying Development certificate (CDC):

  • building a one and two storey home
  • renovating / extension of a home
  • building a secondary dwelling
  • building a detached studio
  • building a dual occupancy / terraces
  • building a Shed / Alfresco / outbuilding
  • earthworks and structural supports
  • building a fence
  • building a swimming pool
  • carrying out a strata subdivision
  • demolishing a building

Who can issue Complying Development certificate (CDC) certificate?

A CDC Approval can be issued by a private accredited certifier. A CDC will be issued by the certifying authority prior to building work commencing.

Our experienced team can ensure that you meet the relevant requirements from the State Environment Planning Policy, Building Code of Australia & Local Council Requirements to have your CDC approval fast tracked.

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How we work

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