Strata Subdivision Services

Strata Subdivision services provided by accredited Private Certifiers are:

  • Complying Development Certificates issued for the purposes of Strata Subdivision consent and based on a Preliminary Strata Plan of Subdivision prepared by a Registered Surveyor
  • Final Strata Subdivision Certificates based on the Final Strata Plan prepared by a Registered Surveyor for lodgement and registration with Land Registry Services

In New South Wales a Strata Plan of Subdivision cannot be lodged with Land Registry Services without first being certified by either an accredited Private Certifier or Council.

The issuing of a Strata Subdivision Certificate is governed by the Strata Schemes (Freehold Development Act) and/or the Strata Schemes (Leasehold Development) Act.

Our certifier is an accredited Private Certifier with the Building Professionals Board of NSW.

In addition to this he is also a qualified professional engineer therefore ensuring a well-rounded view of the land development process.


Gaining Strata Subdivision Approval

Strata Subdivision approval should always be sought at the start of each project either at the beginning of or preferably prior to commencement of construction. This will prevent costly delays when coming to the end of the project and having to delay sales due to gaining Strata Subdivision approval.


Do you need a Strata DA through Council?

Strata Subdivision can be approved by an accredited Private Certifier under the following conditions;

  1. The Development Consent Conditions are less than five years old
  2. The development is not a dual occupancy
  3. No heritage issues exist

This will allow an Accredited Certifier to issue a complying development certificate (CDC) for strata subdivision. If a CDC can be issued, then a DA for strata subdivision is not required.


Benefits of Strata Certification

Approval of Strata Subdivision through Complying Development is a much faster and less costly process than lodging a Development Application to Council.

Should a Strata Subdivision DA already be in place when a Private Certifier is appointed to issue a Strata Subdivision Certificate then a certifier can lodged a Section 96 to Council to remove DA Conditions that are deemed unnecessary or unreasonable to the development.

How we work

  • 1. You request a Fee Proposal

    You will fill in an Application Form with required details and we will then provide you with a no obligation Fee Proposal

  • 2. You accept the Fee Proposal

    Once you have accepted the Fee Proposal and paid the corresponding invoice we will commence the certification process

  • 3. We Commence the Certification Process

    We review all provided documents and request further details if required. We then organise any required Site Inspections.

  • 4. We Complete Required Site Inspections

    We complete the required Site Inspections and inform you of any further requirements

  • 5. We Issue the Certification

    After all required updates are complete, our Principal Certifier will provide the Certification